Fox, Which Continues to Spread Vaccine Disinformation, Is Now Requiring All Workers to Be Vaccinated

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The Fox Corporation announced that it would driblet its COVID-19 investigating enactment and is requiring all employees who enactment successful its New York City headquarter offices to person astatine slightest 1 coronavirus vaccination changeable by December 27.

“Our argumentation reflects the guidelines of the mandate,” a spokesperson for Fox Corp. told the New York Times, referring to New York City’s vaccine rule, which requires on-site workers astatine each businesses to beryllium vaccinated.

New York’s mandate for workplaces requires that recipients of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines person a 2nd dose, but the argumentation does not presently necessitate booster shots,” the outlet notes.

More than 90 percent of Fox’s employees are afloat vaccinated. This statistic was noted by Kevin Lord, elder vice president of Fox Corp, successful September.

Following our petition for employees to upload their vaccination presumption successful our unafraid system, we are pleased to stock that much than 90% of our full-time employees reported that they are afloat vaccinated,” Lord said successful a memo. 

“This is important accusation for our institution to cognize arsenic we proceed to instrumentality our phased instrumentality to bureau timing and procedures,” helium added.

Fox, via the Fox News channel, has continued to downplay the severity of the COVID-19. pandemic adjacent arsenic New York experiences a surge of cases. Many of its hosts and commentators person continued to dispersed vaccine disinformation. Fox Corp.’s argumentation is simply a reminder that adjacent those who person urged their viewers not to get vaccinated person already been inoculated, underscoring the company’s tendency for nett implicit preservation of quality lives.

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