Bernie Sanders Slams Gutless Joe Manchin And Demand Vote On BBB

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After Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) announced that helium volition not ballot for Build Back Better, Sen. Bernie Sanders called him gutless.


Sen. Bernie Sanders says Sen. Joe Manchin doesn't person the guts to basal up to the cause companies and peculiar interests, "He'll person a batch of explaining to bash to the radical of with West Virginia to archer him helium doesn't person the guts to instrumentality connected the cause companies."

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) December 19, 2021

Sen. Sanders said connected CNN’s State Of The Union successful effect to Manchin announcing that helium is simply a nary connected Build Back Better:

He’ll person a batch of explaining to bash to the people of West Virginia to archer them he doesn’t person the guts to take connected the cause companies to lower the outgo of prescription drugs, wherefore helium is not prepared to expand location wellness care, West Virginia, 1 of the poorest states this country, elderly people and disabled radical who would similar to enactment astatine home, are forced into nursing homes, he has to archer the radical of West Virginia wherefore helium doesn’t privation to expand medicare to screen dental, hearing and eyeglasses.

West Virginia is simply a large state, beautiful radical but it is a state that is struggling. He’s going to person to archer the people of West Virginia wherefore he rejects what the scientists of the satellite are telling america that we have to enactment boldly and transform our vigor strategy to protect future generations from the devastation of clime change. What’s going connected successful Washington is the large wealth interests are importing hundreds of millions of dollars to marque definite that we continue to wage the highest prices successful the satellite for the prescription drugs the affluent do not wage their just stock of taxes. I hoped to person astatine slightest 50 Democrats connected committee who person the guts to stand up for moving families and instrumentality connected the lobbyists and the powerful special interests. With no Republicans, not 1 Republican successful the United States Senate oregon the House for that matter is prepared to basal up to the cause companies oregon the insurance companies oregon wealthy. 

I hoped to person 50 Democrats. If that is the lawsuit past I hope we volition bring a beardown measure to the level of the legislature arsenic soon as we tin and fto Mr. Manchin explain to the radical of West Virginia wherefore helium doesn’t person the guts to basal up to powerful special interests. 

No Easy Way Out For Joe Manchin

Joe Manchin has had it casual truthful far. He hasn’t been forced to travel to the Senate floor, look the radical of West Virginia successful the eye, and accidental that helium rejects the kid taxation recognition and lowering the outgo of insulin and different medicine drugs.

Sen. Sanders was right. Manchin does deficiency guts, and it is clip for Democrats to clasp his feet to the occurrence and enactment him connected the grounds arsenic acting against the champion interests of galore radical successful West Virginia.

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