As His Supporters Die Daily, Trump Brags About Not Believing In Masks

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Trump resurfaced connected Fox News to brag astir not listening to Fauci and state that he’s not a large believer successful masks.


Trump brags that helium didn't perceive to Fauci and admits that helium doesn't judge successful masks, "I'm not a immense disguise believer, but I deliberation they person immoderate purpose."

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) December 19, 2021

Trump said connected Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo:

 If you deliberation astir it, helium wanted to support our state unfastened to China, and I closed it. He wanted to support our country open to Europe, and I closed it. He talked astir masks being no good — well, I’m not a huge mask believer, but I deliberation they have immoderate purpose. And present he’s a extremist masker. 

Everything he’s done — he’s a great promoter. He’s a atrocious pitcher. He was telling maine what a great athlete helium was. I said you can’t propulsion a baseball 15 feet. Other than President Obama, it may person been the worst throw I’ve ever seen. No, I deliberation I did the close thing. Less of a firestorm, now because he’s been incorrect truthful often, but if you deliberation of it, he wanted to support our state each to each these places — open to each these places, and I didn’t bash it. 

Trump Is Running A Death Cult

Delta and Omicron are going to proceed crushing reddish areas of the state that heavy supported Donald Trump. Red areas person a overmuch little vaccination complaint than plaything oregon Biden counties.

One of the fewer things that the unvaccinated could bash to support themselves is to deterioration masks, and Trump is encouraging them not to bash it.

Trump has governmental ambitions for 2024, but if helium continues to termination disconnected his supporters with unsafe and anserine advice, determination volition beryllium nary 1 near to ballot for him.

Donald Trump is moving a decease cult, and it seems similar his extremity is to termination arsenic galore Americans arsenic possible.

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